Studio Selles is a sustainable Amsterdam based label founded by Rosan Selles in 2020. We value nature, craftsmanship, durability and transparency.

Sustainability is the core of this label; every knit is handmade to order on domestic knitting machines, which encourages us to slow down the fashion system. 


Our materials are all made from natural fibres, and we are always looking for new sustainable materials to use. Our suppliers are all in Europe and we strive to buy materials as local as possible.


Care for your items

Please read your care label carefully and hang out your item if possible to avoid washing your knits frequently.


We work with preorders whenever we are introducing a new material to the collection. This ensures we can buy the exact amount of materials needed and avoids possible deadstock.


Because we care about our planet, our packaging is plastic free and FSC certified. Your knits are packed in a reusable linen bag.

We will also plant a tree for every order placed to compensate any CO2 emissions.

Post life

We offer two different "post life" services for our Studio Selles items. 

Because all of our knits are knitted into a pattern, we are able to take apart the knit, reuse the yarns and give them a new life. We offer a recycling service in order to achieve a closed loop fashion system.  We will  offer you a 10% discount on your next order.

You are also able to offer your secondhand Studio Selles item on our website by sending us an email. We will take care of the rest and keep you updated.

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